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Quranic Foundations for Islamic Violence

Por Vitor Grando

It’s a common place when people analyze religious phenomena to say that every religion is equally peaceful and promotes non-violence. Such that anyone who infringe peace and human rights cannot be considered a true Jew, a true Christian or a true Muslim. By this common place way of thinking, President Barack Obama maintains that ISIS is certainly not islamic. Leia Mais…

Review of The Evolution of Desire – David Buss

Por Vitor Grando

I’ve finished my first reading of 2016: The Evolution of Desire  written by the evolutionary psychologist David Buss.

Buss appears in that famous norwegian documentary series Brainwash, whose episode The Paradox of Equality became specially popular and has thrown a bomb on the norwegian progressists and their social-construcivists theses, according to which the human mind is nothing more than a social construction. We are born as a blank slate and it is our culture that imposes upon us what we will turn out to be. This, obviously, includes our concepts of man and woman. No one is born a man or a woman, but we become a man or a woman, they say. Leia Mais…